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In the hectic neighborhood of Polanco, Abraham Lincoln Aviary is an oasis created to be in touch with nature and to be away of the daily rhythm. The aviary, inside the Abraham Lincoln park, is home for different species of the world. Visitors will enjoy of the plumage, sings and curiosities of this animals. 

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Emilio Castelar s/n, Col. Polanco.

Embassies & Consulates

Parque Lincoln, Polanco

Nearest at 0.13 kms.

Art & Culture

Galería Divart

Nearest at 0.27 kms.

Art & Culture

German Design Center (Centro de Diseño Alemán)

Nearest at 0.28 kms.

Art & Culture

Galería Oscar Román

Nearest at 0.29 kms.

Art & Culture

Patricia Conde Gallery

Nearest at 0.30 kms.

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