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House Museums

House Museums in Mexico City only start with Frida Kahlo's former family home. As intimate and insightful as any visit there can be, it's just the start.

From there we move on to architects, literary figures, and people important to The Revolution. Other important periods in the life of the country are represented too. Even Frida Kahlo's other home (and studio) makes the list below.

In the capital, most of the most prominent people from the history of the country have spent at least some time here. Seeing where and how they lived is a fascinating glimpse into their lives and personalities.

While there are too many museums to visit in one trip, there may be too many house museums, too. Mexico City's commitment to the life of the mind—for residents and for visitors from abroad—means that you get access to a City of museums. Every trip can be totally different and enchanting.

It's a City second only to London in the entire world for its number of museum. There's a lot to explore. And part of the experience of these places is that many of them are off the beaten path, in new neighborhoods and curious corners of the city.

Many of these smaller museums offer the intimacy and the familiarity that can only come from touring a former home. But they're also focused on their subjects like few other museums can hope to be.

The listings below are just the best and most relevant of former homes converted to Museums. The Frida Kahlo Museum is easily the most prominent among them and welcomes a vast number of visitors each year. In the list below there's something for everyone, and believe it or not, we're adding to it all the time.

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