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Barrio La Merced

The Barrio La Merced is essentially the southeast corner of Mexico City's Centro Histórico, writ large. For lots of City residents, la Merced will always mean the Merced Market. In fact, the market is so big, it's nearly a neighborhood on its own.

But the Merced neighborhood pre-dates the market. It recalls a time when nearly every neighborhood, or small town, was named for its reigning religious institution. In this case, it was the Merced Monastery, one of the most important in New Spain, and certainly in Mexico City.

The monastery is gone today, although a small and illustrious part of it can be visited. In its place is a neighborhood that teems with commerce, but also neighborhoods, homes, schools, and government buildings. The Federal legislative building puts a final limit on the market neighborhood, in the east.

In the City Center, it's a must-visit. If you're on your way to the market, or if you want to better understand Mexico's long tradition of tianguis shopping, the cries of the vendors, and the flavors of the Mesoamerican past.

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