Mexico City: The view from the Monument to the Revolution looking south.
The view from the Revolution Monument looking south.


“Visiting Cities is Hard”


Nobody wants to be trapped in the tourist-thronged main attractions all day. And visiting any big urban center can leave you hungry to understand how and where the city residents live and what makes their lives go round. 

We’ve included some truly offbeat places within these pages to give you a better opportunity to get out there and really see how and where the Chilangos live, how they spend their days, and of course, a lot of what they eat and enjoy. 

As the city is committed to making every part of the city more live-able for residents, we’re also making an effort to present more of it to visitors from around the world. The “Turismo de Barrios” (Neighborhood Tourism) program was initiated in 2019 to distribute information on more and different parts of the city. The program also encourages more visitors to visit more and more interesting parts of the city.  

We’ll do our best to present, in these pages, some of the less-visited parts of the city so that you get a feeling for more authentic and better tasting Mexico City. 

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