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It is a natural heritage in charge of the National Autonomous University of Mexico located south of the city in the area known as Pedregal. The rich biodiversity is the result of the eruption of the Xitle volcano. It consists of 237 hectares bathed in a rich vegetation inhabited by more than 1,500 different forms of life, among which the tlacuache, the cacomixtle and the donkey’s ear stand out.

The Sculpture Space was built among its rocks, a project where nature and geometry combine to create a series of figures that allow the imagination to fly. The works are distributed in: Las serpientes del Pedregal and Ocho conejo, by Federico Silva; Ave dos, by Hersúa; Coatl, by Helen Escobedo; Colotl, by Sebastián; Corona del Pedregal, by Mathias Goeritz; and Variante de la llave de Kepler, by Manuel Felguérez.

Hours vary according to the area to be visited.

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Circuito Mario de la Cueva s/n, Col. Ciudad Universitaria.


Museo de Zoología Alfonso Herrera

Cercano a 0.46 kms.

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Biblioteca Nacional de México

Cercano a 0.52 kms.

Bibliotecas y Archivos

Biblioteca Rafael García Granados

Cercano a 0.53 kms.

Parques y plazas publicas

Plaza del Estudiante

Cercano a 0.58 kms.

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