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Photo: GAED on Wikimedia Commons

Metro Tezonco is one of 20 stations on Metro Line 12. The station is named for San Lorenzo Tezonco, one of the pueblos originarios of Iztapalapa.

The name of San Lorenzo Tezonco comes about from the combination of the terms “Tezontli,” the famous blood red volcanic stone, and “co” which indicates in or where, in the Nauhuatl language. Thus, we could say Tezonco means “where the tezontle occurs.”

Tezontle should be evident here, too. Not necessarily in the building facades, as in the Centro Histórico, but in the  Cerro de la Estrella, visible to the north. The Xaltepec volcano, part of the Sierra de Santa Catarina volcano chain, is to the east. These volcanoes make the elevated train that much more of a treat, as the views can be excellent on clear days.

The station logo represents one of the famous skulls used for the celebration of Day of the Dead. The station is right out front of the public cemetery on the grounds of the old Hacienda de San Nicolas Tolentino. As one of the oldest and most traditional towns in Iztapalapa, the Day of the Dead festivities are taken seriously, and many of those festivities take place right here.

The station opened in 2012 and has been serving the communities of San Lorenzo Tezonco , El Rosario, Granjas Cabrera, and Los Olivos, ever since.

Como llegar aquí
Área Federal Panteón San Lorenzo Tezonco, 09930 CDMX

Sitios cercanos

Iglesia San Lorenzo Tezonco

Cercano a 0.55 kms.

Metro Olivos

Cercano a 0.64 kms.

Mercado San Lorenzo Tezonco

Cercano a 0.87 kms.

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