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metro insurgentes sur station logoMetro Insurgentes Sur is one of the newest underground stations in the system. It opened in 2012 on Line 12. At the important intersection of Insurgentes Sur and Felix Cuevas, it provides a vital transport option for a very busy office neighborhood. The station averages about 35,000 daily riders.

  • The station logo recalls the two original insurgents of the Mexican independence movement. Hidalgo initiated the break from Spain, and Morelos ushered in the heaviest stage of fighting which lasted from 1811 to 1815.

The station is most important to the following neighborhoods:

  • Extremadura Insurgentes (Northwest of the station and intersection)
  • Tlacoquemecatl del Valle (Northeast)
  • Actipan (Southeast)
  • Insurgentes Mixcoac (Southwest)

The famous Parque Hundido is just north of the station on Insurgentes, and the Plaza San Lorenzo is a little before that on the opposite side of the avenue.

The Metro Insurgentes Sur station is perhaps best known for its proximity to the surprisingly stylish Liverpool department store that’s practically upstairs, (on the southeast corner). There is even a direct exit from the station. The bold mid-century stylings of Liverpool are just the beginning to the enormous Gallerias Insurgentes shopping complex which continues to the south.

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Felix Cuevas s/n, Col del Valle Sur, 03100 CDMX

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