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Metro Indios Verdes
Photo: Ymblanter on Wikimedia Commons

The Metro Station to the Entire North

Sometimes a Metro station will come to stand for an entire region. Such is the case with Metro Indios Verdes. The busiest station in the network, about 120,000 passengers pass through on normal working days.

metro indios verdesThe name comes from the 100+ year old moniker used to refer to the two bronze statues in Parque del Mestizaje. For most Mexico City residents it is just as common to refer to an enormous part of the northern metropolitan area as “Indios Verdes,” too.

Through the networks of buses, combis, and mini-buses, transport services extend to all kinds of place in the State of Mexico:

  • Acolman
  • Atenco
  • Coacalco de Berrioazabál
  • Ecatepec
  • Tlalnepantla de Baz
  • Nextlalpan
  • Tecamac
  • Teotihuacán
  • Zumpango de Ocampo

But service also reaches as far as Hidalgo:

  • Actopan
  • Ixmiquilpan
  • Tizayuca
  • Tolcayuca
  • Villa de Tezontepec
  • Zapotlán de Juárez
  • and the capital, in Pachuca de Soto.

Metro Indios Verdes is thus surrounded by the infrastructure necessary to getting people on and off all of those buses. Alas, one of the solutions, in the form of Metrobus, and its Mexico State counterpart, Mexibus, adds still more infrastructure to the area.

Getting in and out can take some patience the first few times. And most people walking to La Villa will prefer to use Metro Deportivo 18 de Marzo or indeed, Metro La Villa-Basílica. However you choose to go, there’s still a lot to see, including the famous, FARO Indios Verdes cultural center, and the old Aqueduct of Guadalupe.

Como llegar aquí
Residencial Zacatenco, 07369 Santa Isabel Tola, Mexico City

Sitios cercanos

Parque del Mestizaje

Cercano a 0.35 kms.

Santa Isabel Tola Market, No. 221

Cercano a 0.66 kms.

Iglesia Santa Isabel Tola

Cercano a 0.81 kms.

Mexico City

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