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metro colegio militar
Photo: Daythor on Wikimedia Commons.


Metro Colegio Militar is named for the dramatic and always impressive Heroic Military College in the Popotla neighborhood of the Miguel Hidalgo alcaldía. It’s pictured above. On the 2 Line of the metro, it’s another stop on the historic Mexico-Tacuba causeway. 

Although this campus of the Military College is no longer in service as a college, it’s still a remarkable landmark and home to the Mexican Cavalry Museum. The main campus of the Military officer’s college moved to Tlalpan in the south of the City in 1976. The building is still under the Mexican Army administration, and they do offer tours of the facility. 

The inside walls of Metro Colegio Militar are covered with big format poster and illustrations commemorating the story of the Military College and the history of the Mexican Army. It’s a fascinating story told in an imposing and over-the-top setting. 

Outside the station, beyond being in the very middle of the old Mexico-Tacuba causeway, you’ll find the historic Merced de las Huertas Chapel just across the avenue from the entrance to the Cavalry Museum

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