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When you get to Metro Calle 11, you’ve already passed to the south of the Loma de la Estrella. All of the neighborhoods here have been historically connected to the mountain. This was true for ancient ritual purposes as it was for more recent performances of Iztapalapa’s famous Passion Plays.

The surrounding area was also economically tied to the Hacienda de San Nicolas Tolentino. Although the headquarters of the farm is still two Metro stations away at Tezonco.

To the north of the station is the neighborhood of Granjas Estrella. To the south is Lomas Estrella, a multi-neighborhood housing development. One can see the long shadow of the mountain in the names of many of the surrounding communities. The station logo depicts a glyph of a water vessel with a hill inside. The symbol refers to the New Fire Ceremony documented in the museum at the top of the Cerro de la Estrella.

The station is named for the Avenida 11. The street passes through most of the neighborhoods to the south and southwest of the Cerro de la Estrella. Passengers descending from the elevated station will already know that this border between neighborhoods is largely made up shopping centers and a few big box stores. For international visitors, the views from the platform are a welcome relief from City streets.

The station saw about 14,500 passengers on weekdays in 2019.

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Av. Tlahuac s/n, Granjas Estrella, Iztapalapa, 09880 CDMX

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