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The Mercado Zapotitlán is directly south of the town center of Santiago Zapotitlán, on Calles Ricardo Flores Magón/Francisco Jiménez. (The name changes when you cross Avenida Tláhuac.) The intersection is two blocks west of the Metro Zapotitlán Station.

  • Needless to say, it’s a magnificent place for lunch.

Like any good market, it’s situated in a frenetic stretch of street crowded with vendors, delivery people in their trucks. Because this is Tláhuac, you get a hovering swarm of moto-taxis, too. A trip from directly south from the Church of the Immaculate Conception should cost you less than mx$50. The same taxis can whisk you to just about anywhere in the surrounding community.

There’s no better place to witness the community than here in one of the market fondas or small lunch counters. It’s fresher, much of it is local, and it’s healthier too. For people traveling, it’s a far better option than most of the street food outside. (Although, it’s assumed you’ll be eating a lot of that too.) In fact, this market has recently been thoroughly remodeled. One result of displacing vendors during the remodeling is that much of the market is still outside – tianguis-style, and it’s that much easier to browse and see everything on offer.

  • If you’ve not already read the guide to Mexico City fondas and comida rapida, it’s a good time to check it out.  And eating from a “menu del día” gives you, usually, three course, plus an “agua del día” – plus the affirmation that you’re feeding yourself the best food around while supporting the local economy and the people who depend on your business. What could be better?
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Francisco Jiménez 14-17, Santa Ana Sur, Tláhuac, 13300 CDMX

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