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Mercado Villa Zona 34
Photo courtesy of the Jugueria Martínez Website. Jugueria Martínez is one of the leading fruit & juice counters inside the Mercado Villa Zona 34.


The Mercado Villa Zona 34 is the answer to the prayers of a lot of pilgrims. Close, convenient and ultra-affordable, it’s just to the east of the Villa. In fact, it almost shares space with the broad parking and mausoleum complex to the very east of the Plaza Mariana. One need simply exit to the south of the complex, walk one block east along Fray Juan de Zumárraga street and make the next left.

The market offers everything one could need for breakfast or lunch. And it’s affordable. It’s even, arguably, a little healthier than your typical street foods. If you don’t speak much Spanish, check the Guide to Fondas and Comida Corrida. It’s a good way to eat, and in the market, everything is that much fresher.

All public markets are recognized by Mexico City as an important of our culture and heritage. While of course there are lots of places selling fruits, vegetables, and butcher-shop products, for international visitors, the important thing is to finally be able to eat well. In the public market, you’ll eat really well. Watch for words like:

  • Antojeria 
  • Antojitos
  • Comida Corrida
  • and Menu del Día

Staff will be happy to help you, and in a place with a lot of international visitors, many of them speak English too. The Mercado Villa Zona 34 is just one of the public markets in Mexico City. We’re always adding one or two more.

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