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Mercado Turistico La Magdalena

The Mercado Turístico la Magdalena is one of the very few public markets in wild and mountainous La Magdalena Contreras. Directly across the street from the Church of Magdalena Atlitic.  It’s also convenient as the entrance to the Los Dinamos National Park. That’s about 1.6 kms down calles Magdalena/Emiliano to the west of the town´s center.

Whether you’re heading into the park and need to gather supplies, or just hungry, it’s worth a stop. Though no one has ever quite adequately explained the word Turístico, part of the market´s name, it’s quintessentially a public market and a great hub for grub.

With a wide variety of vendors, and lots of space inside and out, all you need is there and can easily make a day of it. Some vendors will invariably cater to the appetites of tourists. However, the majority of puestitos primarily feed city residents with the freshest of products and ready-made food.

Photo: Alejandro Linares Garcia on Wikimedia Commons

If you haven´t had the pleasure of experiencing one of Mexico City’s fondas, we put together a Beginner’s Guide. It’s not just affordable but wholesome and great for your health. A fonda in the Mercado Turístico La Magdalena gives you a rare opportunity to experience some of the best local food city-wide. A pueblo originario, Magdalena Contreras, provides seasonal and unique dishes that have been prepared here for generations and probably aren’t available elsewhere.

  • Don’t Miss the murals on the bus station arches. They’re just across the town center and church atrium. The murals are by Magdalena muralist and artist, Ariosto Otero. You can see his work all over the south of the City.
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Calle Magdalena 528, La Magdalena, La Magdalena Contreras, 10910 CDMX

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