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mercado tacuba
Photo: Flores95 on Wikimedia Commons

Mercado Tacuba

One of the greatest, in a neighborhood that always seems to be in danger of slipping away, Mercado Tacuba is still your locals-only public market, and for that, you get a warm welcome, and the best food in town.

Surrounded by the former kingdom and great colonial town of Tacuba, this market only opened in 1956 after a much much older market was torn down and replaced by the police station and court house. It’s still well worth a visit, and holds claim to some of the “best carnitas” anywhere. In any event, it’s another of the best public markets in the city, so for whatever reason you’re in the neighborhood, it’s a fantastic place for lunch.

Just outside Metro Tacuba, it’s not really out of the way if you’re on your way to the Centro of Azcapotzalco, or you plan on heading back into the city on the Mexico-Tacuba causeway. In any event, the Metro may have socked central Tacuba a little too hard. Take some of it in. It’s a fantastic walking neighborhood, what’s left of it, and making it in and out of the market for lunch is just a fantastic way to catch even a glimpse of what old Tacuba was.

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Calz México-Tacuba 743, Tacuba, Miguel Hidalgo, 11410 Ciudad de México, CDMX

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