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Mercado Santa Maria Nonoalco
Photo: Alcaldía Álvaro Obregón


The Mercado Santa María Nonoalco is practically on the Cuernavaca Ciclopista. It’s also about arms-length from the front of the historical atrium of the Santa María Nonoalco church. In the same area is the little neighborhood park. That’s already a lot you can do in just a couple of minutes. The epicenter of the neighborhood, arguably here, is a bit more than 10-minutes walk from Metro Mixcoac. The neighborhood of Santa María Nonoalco is technically just east of most of the Mixcoac neighborhood.

For bicyclists on the bikeway, it’s a far better lunch spot than lots of others you’re likely to encounter along the way. The market is home to lots of vendors of fresh fruits to take along with you. More important, it’s also got plenty of places to eat prepared foods. For breakfast or lunch, you can’t  do much better.

  • If  you haven’t eaten at a comida corrida or fonda restaurant, we put together a little guide to cover most of the ins-and-outs. You can read it here. Remember, Mexican food in Mexico doesn’t often come from a restaurant. By eating in the market, you’re supporting smaller businesses and even farmers.
  • You’re also eating better food. With the supplier right there, things are prepared super-fresh and every day.
  • And if you’re suffering eating too many tacos, or too many rich, greasy, or over-concentrated things from the street, the market is your best alternative.

The Mercado Santa María Nonoalco is just one of many Mexico City Public Markets. But this one is ultra-conveniently located. It’s also practically in the center of tight-knit and active community. You almost can’t miss the gates at the front of the church, and for terrific local food, you can’t ask for much more.


Como llegar aquí
Francisco Girardon 31, Santa María Nonoalco, Álvaro Obregón, 01420 CDMX

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