Mercado San Pedro Martír

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The Mercado San Pedro Martír will always feel like you’re in some other little town, maybe even in another country. The town of San Pedro Martír is its own thing. And the market it no different. Just south of the town center on Calle del Rosal, it’s a terrific little town market surrounded by a purple fence.

Inside, of course you’ll find all kinds of people selling everything to fruits, vegetables, and butcher products. For international visitors, there are also plenty of prepared foods. The little cocina economica pictured above is just inside the parking lot entrance. It’s been there for years.

If you’re suffering from too much street food, or from not knowing (or finding) the right restaurant, the Public Market is always your best bet. Imagine a restaurant virtually attached to one of the region’s best food distributors. You get everything fresh and for basically half the price or better. Plus you’re supporting smaller businesses, and even local farmers.

  • If you’re lost in approaching the market, we put together a guide to get the most out of it. We also tried to cut through a lot of the confusions. You can see the whole thing here.

Mexico City puts a lot of effort into getting more people into more public markets. The Mercado San Pedro Martír is not one of the most visited, but it is one of the most typical. It’s unusual in having a couple of buildings connected by a giant common esplanade. This is where some of the better comida corridas set up shop, include La Petite, pictured above.

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