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Mercado Tlaltenco
Photo: Mayra Falcon on Wikimedia Commons


The Mercado San Francisco Tlaltenco is, of course, one of the most important places in Tlaltenco. Like all public markets, it’s an excellent place to pick up produce, vegetables and fruit. This one also offers a number of excellent Comida Corridas. If you haven’t gotten used to eating at the fonda yet, see our complete guide to fondas and fonda food, here.

People often pass through Tlaltenco on their way into the Sierra de Santa Catarina. Indeed, the Tetlalmanche Volcano is visible from most parts of the town. In fact, coming from the other direction are a great variety of locally grown and organic fruits and vegetables.

Of course, the town is famous for its Day of the Dead celebrations. The flowers and sweets associated with the holiday all come from here. In late October it will be entirely bedecked in the bright orange cempasúchil. In English, those are the marigolds, indispensable for any Day of the Dead celebration or offering. And there will be public offerings (altars) in the market, and throughout the town.

People come today because Metro Tlaltenco has made it very easy to get here. There are a number of important churches and nearby sites of interest. But come first, to the Mercado San Francisco Tlaltenco, for the food.

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Carlos A. Vidal, San Francisco Tlaltenco, Guadalupe, Tláhuac, 13400 CDMX

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