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mercado de flores merced
The Santo Tomás la Palma church is just north of the Flower Market.


The Mercado de Flores is the place for flowers in the Merced, and perhaps for the entire east side of the Centro Histórico. Not quite as separate from the throng as is the Mercado de Dulces, just to the north, the flower market is already being subsumed by the crush of the Merced.

To the immediate north of the flower market, the continuation of Missioneros street on this side of Circunvalación begins the Mercado Banqueton. Literally, it’s the big sidewalk market. It wraps around the back of the flower market, and meshes into every other street and sidewalk in the area.

That makes the flower market into even more of an oasis of calm. Of course, we’d love to show hundreds of pics of the inside. But at the Merced, guests are often worried more about simply finding the right building. (We’ve got the other markets and their buildings listed here.)

  • About 111 vendors are regularly working in this market.
  • The market also specializes in party, decorative, and artificial flowers.
  • Many of the vendors also sell wholesale to other stores around the city.

Now, Mexico City has a long, verdant relationship with growers. Many of them are south in Xochimilco, but suppliers arrive from all over the country. And as is well-known, Mexico City maintains some outstanding fresh and cut flower markets, and not just outside of cemeteries.

It may be nearly impossible to visit the Mercado de Flores Merced without also visiting its immediate neighbors. But inside, you’ll find it among the most charming, colorful, and inviting of atmospheres.

Carrying your own bunch of flowers, visiting the rest of the Merced for lunch is going to be a treat. There’s a lot going on, but with flowers, you’re going to be ready!

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Circunvalación s/n, La Merced, Merced Balbuena, Venustiano Carranza, 15810 CDMX

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La Merced Market, Nave Mayor

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