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Mercado_Cerro del_Judio
Photo: Alcaldía la Magdalena Contreras



The Mercado Cerro del Judío is one of just five public markets in La Magdalena Contreras. It’s a spectacular place to eat if you on your way to the pyramids. Mazatepetl, the eco-archaeological park is just up the hill. (The market is technically on the very eastern slope.) 

As the Magdalena Contreras area is not that big, it may also be a convenient stop for some on their way to Los Dinamos or even westward to Xochiac, or other points in Álvaro Obregón. For some visitors, the rugged Barros Sierra neighborhood is a fascinating mountain destination all on it’s own! 

This market is actually some 40+ years old. It was originally an underground structure, but that got to be too much to keep up with. It was thoroughly renovated in 2017. Best known today for the red-brick arches, it’s today back at street-level, on the corner of Avenida San Bernabé and Independencia.

Now big and spotlessly clean, the Mercado Cerro del Judío specializes in the kind of ultra-fresh and nutritious food you can’t really get outside of the public markets.  If you’ve not tried Mexico City’s comida corrida, we put together a whole guide for you here. It’s the quickest and easiest way to know you’re eating well, even if you’re in Mexico City for months. 

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Avenida San Bernabé & Independencia S/N, Barros Sierra, La Magdalena Contreras, 10380 CDMX

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Cerro del Judío (Mazatepetl)

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