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mercado de la Cruz 384
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The Mercado 384 Contreras La Cruz was totally renovated in a project that finished in January of 2021. As the center of the La Concepción neighborhood, it’s one of the most accessible of Mexico City’s public markets, certainly of those in this area. It’s also super close to some of the most important cultural sites within la Magdalena. 

For its recent renovations, you’ll find it also among the cleanest of public markets. Serving the La Cruz and Concepción neighborhoods, it’s a center of commerce, recipe-exchanges, and plenty of neighborhood high-jinx. It’s undoubtedly the most reliable place for lunch, too. Equipped with a big common dining area, food is ultra-fresh, and for out-of-town visitors, probably more healthy than anything you can expect in restaurants or on the street.

  • If you’re nervous about asking for lunch in a big, noisy, calamitous public market, we put together a full guide to break through the mystery. It’s friendly, and better than anything you can likely eat anywhere else. Check out the complete guide to Mexico City Fonda Eating here.

The Mercado 384 Contreras La Cruz, or just the Mercado La Cruz, is a stone’s throw from the Magdalena Contreras Cultural Forum and most of the sites and attractions in the center of La Magdalena. It’s a terrific place for lunch, and a good market just to explore if you’ve never been to one. (There are lots.) Like much of the neighborhood, it’s on some pretty rugged territory. The main entrance is on the Camino Real. But then, getting a little lost is part of the fun. There’s a lot to look at.

Hours: Daily from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

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Camino Real de Contreras 384, La Cruz, La Concepción, La Magdalena Contreras, 10830 CDMX

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