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Photo: Alcaldía Magdalena Contreras


The Ferrocaril Park in Magdalena Contreras might be just another strip of green but for the dramatic backdrop provided by la Magdalena’s celebrated muralist, Ariosto Otero Reyes.

What used to be the area’s important rail-link to the outside world is today one of the most cherished parks in the city. At the very south of the Barranca Seca neighborhood, there are few other places that show off la Magdalena’s challenging landscape better than this park. In fact, the walk to or from Barranca’s Mercado La Loma may be all one needs to get that it’s a mountainous, fascinating, craggy kind of place.

The old Plaza de la Antigua Estación preserves some of the rail cars and signals from the original railroad. Though today it’s principally a part of the Cuernavaca Railroad Bikeway, the plaza is better than a place to stop when biking past. The important mural by Otero, is titled “Viaje del Siglo XX.” Voyage of the 2oth Century refers to the long tradition of the train’s passage through the old town then known as La Magdalena. 42 meters long by 5 meters high, it’s as monumental as anything the artist has attempted.

The park itself is well manicured, though the station museum is only sometimes open today. In any event, it’s an easy walk from the other attractions. The Foro Cultural and the Casa de Bellas Artes Juventino Rosas are just a few minutes walk away. The beloved market for lunch is about five-minutes walk behind and above the Ferrocaril Park.

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