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Photo: Thelmadatter on Wikimedia Commons.

The Xochimilco Clock Tower is the most important meeting point on the Foro de Xochimilco, the large public plaza outside the Cathedral.

At about ten minutes walk from the Xochimilco Light-rail station in the Barrio San Pedro, it’s the true center of the town. The clock is just south of the Pyramid and Fountains, a more traditional park with a Kiosk. Importantly, it’s just north of the northernmost part of Xochimilco’s Central Market. This enormous market is a must-visit.

At about ten meters tall, the clock tower is easy to spot. It plays six different tunes daily. The clock was manufactured by the famous Centenario Factory in Zacatlán, Puebla. This factory produced all of the most important clocks in the country, including the enormous floral clock at Parque Hundido. The clock was placed at this location during a remodeling of the Foro in 1972.

Rather than as a clock to set your watch to, the Clock Tower today serves more as a meeting point.

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Just about all of the Xochimilco Historic Center is within easy walking distance from the Clock Tower. That includes all 17 of the Pueblos Originarios or original historic neighborhoods. Of course, the area is also continually patrolled by bicycle taxis who will be happy to take you to, or back from, any of the above. They’ll even give you a price before you board.

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