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san francisco asis Tecoxpa


San Francisco Tecoxpa is centered around the Roman Catholic Church of San Francisco de Asís. It’s an ancient village on the southeastern slopes of the Teuhtli volcano. At 2,361 meters, the altitude is quite high.  It’s one of the seven Nahua-settled of Milpa Alta’s 12 pueblos originarios. The town is thought to have been settled in about 1409.

The Church of Saint Francis of Assisi

The church dates from the 18th century and was dedicated to Saint Francis of Assis, by the Franciscans who evangelized the area. The town still celebrates the St. Francis feast day every October 4th. The festivals include music, fireworks and local dances. And the party is generally on the church grounds and in the Plaza San Francisco Tecoxpa just across athe avenida Juárez to the north. The atrium of the church and the plaza are both meeting places for the entire community, in part, because the yellow church facade makes it easy to recognize from afar.

Within the church is a 16th century organ. It’s the only one of the original churches of Milpa Alta to have an organ permanently installed. The paintings date from the 17th century. Detailed wood carving depict scenes from the life of Saint Francis of Assisi.

The church is open from Monday to Sunday. The church and town center are not terribly far from San Jerónimo Miacatlán nor from the Milpa Alta FARO at Miacatlán.

Como llegar aquí
Av. Juarez San Francisco Tecoxpa Milpa Alta 12700 CDMX

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