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Velódromo Olímpico Agustín Melgar
A 2017 promotional photo celebrating the velodrome’s complete renovation.

Breaking The Hour

The Agustín Melgar Olympic Velodrome is used mainly for cycling events. Much more than a station on the Metro, it’s one of the best known places in the Ciudad Deportiva Magdalena Mixiuhca.  Agustín Melgar was one of the famous Niños Héroes killed during the invasion by the United States in 1847.

The velodrome opened in time for the 1968 Olympics and it’s been in use ever since. Even with a capacity for just 6,800 spectators, it’s also popular for mini-American football games and for some regular football matches too.

Maybe the site is best known for its use with cyclists hoping to break The Hour record. In fact, it’s happened at least 39 times at this very site.

The Hour Record is a distance measurement. How far can a cyclist go in one hour? It’s a popular place for the attempt because Mexico City’s thin air offers less wind resistance. One of the most prestigious records in cycling, the most famous Hour Record broken here was on October 25, 1972 by Eddy Merckx. The Belgian cyclist has been described as the the greatest and most successful cyclist of all time.

Beginning at 8:46 a.m, in his hour, Merckx covered 49.431 km (31 mi), breaking the world-record, albeit with significant physical pain.

Today the Agustín Melgar Olympic Velodrome is still used for attempts on The Hour record. But the track also has frequent open door cycling events as well as organized races. The Facebook page is usually the fastest and quickest way to know what’s going around the track.


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