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Metro Line 6

Mexico City Metro Line 6

From Rosario to Martín Carrera

Mexico City's Metro Line 6 is the red line. Running east-west across the very north of the city, this line opened in 1983. Just 17 of Mexico City's total 390 trains run on Line 6.

With 11 stations, passengers can ride the Metro trains some 11.5 kms. With service terminals at both ends, the total length is almost 14 kms.

Far and away, the biggest draw along the line is the Basilica de Guadalupe. Events at la Villa around December 12 of each year will jam the Metro more full than many international visitors can imagine so take heed. It's normally the second-least traveled Metro line in the city.

Metro Ferrería/Arena Ciudad de México is increasingly giving the Basilica competition. Every month, more and more riders head to the Mexico City Arena for events and concerts.

But it's a storied line, after all. Much of Line 6 follows the old railroad lines that crisscrossed the north of the city. True railfans will find more about many of them at the city's biggest rail museum, the Museo de los ferrocarrileros. It's just a short walk from the La Villa Basilica station, too.

All of the stations along Metro Line 6 refer to their areas, and some of the lore, tales, and history of the City. They're how modern-day Mexico City residents map out their own conceptual ideas of the geography of the city.

Hopefully, the entries below will help you to do the same.

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