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Metro Line 1


Mexico City's Metro Line 1 is the pink line. It's the first line to have opened in Mexico City, and in the entire country. This momentous event took place in 1969.

With 20 stations, the line runs for 18.83 kilometers. The 16.65 kilometers of passenger track are entirely underground. Only that bit of service track after the Observatorio station is at surface level.

Needless to say, it's a super busy Metro line. Weekends, thousands will head to Chapultepec Park.  And during the week, transfer stations, and seemingly all those in the City center are going to see strong rush hours.

But ride during the off-hours, and know which is the direction counter to rush hour traffic, and you'll have few problems.

The station descriptions below will give you an idea of many of the things to see and do near each of the stations along the way. Bear in mind, at 50 years old, there's a lot that's going on upstairs.

For many Mexico City residents, especially those older than the Metro, Line 1 is THE Metro line. You're traveling through eons of Mexico City history at nearly every stop. But since this line opened, Mexico City has also had a very different idea of itself, and the space it occupies on the face of the world. Now you'll get a good idea of that too.

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