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La Magdalena Contreras


The Native Towns or Pueblos Originarios of La Magdalena Contreras, each make for a terrific day trip while visiting Mexico City.

Each is deeply-rooted and recognized for their ability to hold onto long-standing cultural and ethnic identities and traditions. Help us celebrate these Pueblos and, whether you are a citadino or traveler, you´re likely to benefit from the richness of their histories.

Among the oldest neighborhoods in the city, those of La Magdalena Contreras reflect the peoples' long history of living in close proximity to the terroir, to a mountainous and river-crossed landscape. Although only four are officially recognized in this large borough in the city's southwest, a trip to Los Dinamos National Park or a climb up the mountains, each makes for a fascinating outing for lunch, coffee, or nature lovers.

The history of La Magdalena Contreras begins with the arrival of Mexica peoples between the 13th and 14th centuries. Their name for it was Atlitic or "stone that drinks water." They're said to have found a large rock standing in the middle of a lagoon.

At the start of the colonial period, a group of Dominican friars arrived in the area. They established a town and temple dedicated to Mary Magdalene, a controversial and mysterious figure in Christianity. Magdalena de Altitic, as it was later re-named, became the first of these early colonial villages.

A Spaniard named Jerónimo de León arrived in 1543. He is credited with establishing the first textile mill and the textile industry thrived here until the 20th century. Artifacts from that period are still visible in nearly all of the Pueblos Originarios of La Magdalena Contreras.

The listings below are intended to help you discover more in each of the Pueblos Originarios.


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Alejandro Linares García on Wikimedia Commons 

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