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Calzada México-Tacuba Virtual Tour


The old México-Tacuba Causeway
and its place in Mexico City Today



The Calzada México-Tacuba - the causeway leading to Tacuba in the west - dates from well before the arrival of the Spanish in 1519. One of the three major causeways that connected the island city of Tenochtitlan with the mainland, it's still fascinating along nearly all six kilometres.

The video above is a quick introduction to many of the places listed below. If something intrigues you, check back here for more complete information. Like any city street, this one is changing all the time. But when you've covering more than 500 years of human history in the space of six kilometres, it's hard not to want to capture it all.

Within Mexico City, in the Historic Center, the Calzada is called Calle Tacuba. That street is so loaded with history, it has it's own video and section of the website. Passing out of the Center, it takes on the following names:

• Avenida Hidalgo

• Puente de Alvarado (Calzada México-Tenochtitlan as of August 2021)

• Rio de San Cosme

Finally, the avenue is called simply the Calzada México-Tacuba

All of the above are covered in the video, and in the many places listed below. Of course, the causeway led out of the City and into the heart of Tacuba. At the same time, it's lead into the very heart of Mexico City, too. That's the point of the video and the places listed.

When you're in Mexico City next, stop by here and you'll see that it's only continued to grow more fascinating.


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